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Join virtually from anywhere

Engage Virtually: Access our tech empowerment programs from anywhere, breaking down geographical barriers.

Live Events: Immerse yourself in dynamic instructor-led sessions that bring tech learning to life.

Specialized Camps: Experience the excitement of hands-on, camp style programming for ages 14 and up

Tailored Programming: Contact us for specialized tech education for younger ages

Create with VR
Audio Video Technology Film
Career Development
Coding & Music Production


Live workshops with Stem/STEAM professionals

Learn & grow with live workshops.
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We are delighted to bring you an exciting lineup of special guest appearances for our STEM based program! We understand the importance of inspiring and engaging
young minds in the world of science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics, and what better way to do so than by introducing them to extraordinary individuals who have made significant contributions in these fields.


Meet other students, just like you.

A solid network throughout your journey is one of the most lucrative ways you can benefit from WCT. We are connected with our alumni even after the experience has concluded.

Recent Highlights

What We've Been Up To!

Beat Making With Code

We collaborated with Georgia Tech to empower girls in Newton County schools, blending creativity and coding skills.

High School and College Focus:
Our programs are designed for both high school and college students, offering a bridge to exciting opportunities.

* Contact us for specialized tech education for younger ages*

Learn from the

best speakers.

Our special guests include renowned scientists, music producers, innovative engineers, visionary technologists, and inspiring mathematicians, all eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and passion with our students.

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Led by a talented team of industry professionals

We Create Tech is the brainchild of our Founder and CEO, Shana Digital. Shana is a multi-disciplinarian talent, that has a rich history of industry fundamentals such as interaction design, user-centered experience design, brand development, digital marketing, film, music, television, coding education, instructional design, leading creative processes across various platforms and web 2.0 development.

Our WCT instructors have over 20 years combined experience & we are always seeking out the best and brightest to facilitate our programming.

Learn about us
Learn about us

The Facts

According to the U.S. Department of Education only 35% of students in the We Create Tech demographic were Career and Technical Concentrators. This means that only 35% of the students in all of the schools in the country went on to complete a pathway. The lack of exposure to different options is evident in this percentage. 

Why We Matter

Over 77% of the demographic was exposed to a Career Technical Program, however 42% of those students decided to not continue on the path. This is why it is critical and imperative now for this program to be an option.

improve student outcomes and performance
improve student outcomes and performance
The only conference you need
The only conference you need

Our Roots

Our focus and pillars to success are rooted in providing a safe space for students to Create Tech in a medium that they understand. We exist to build a bridge for our students through access to information, opportunities and educational tools that will give them the opportunity to be globally competitive.

New Options

Helping a student understand a complex project instead of applying aged methods is why now is the time. We are losing our students daily to increasing truancy rates and more recently a rise in Social Emotional issues, due to the trauma of the pandemic and being forced into social isolation during the time when it is critical for them to understand how to socially engage. 

Currently with the climate of questions about school safety, and whether the idle mind has enough options to stay engaged with positive alternatives, the time is perfect to introduce a way for students to become immersed in the future of technology. 

We've got the answers for your questions

What is the Educational Framework for WCT

Our structure for developing WCT is the Community of Inquiry Model. We chose this model because it encompasses all the elements of Cognitive, Social, and Teaching, and allows direct alignment to inspiring self-paced learning.

What will happen at the live workshops?

Live workshops allow you to experience hands on instruction and learn with an instructor in real time for immediate feedback, & meet other students that are exploring interest in a STEAM field offered by WCT.

At our most recent event students left understanding the fundamentals of coding and also music development and production. Not to mention students left the event with their own original instrumental beat.

How does the virtual programming work?

Fall 2023 students will be able to login into our virtual platform with their own individual login and go through a facilitated curriculum online that is self paced. They can start and stop at their leisure to complete various modules.

What are the networking opportunities?

Students will have the opportunity to login online, or come to any in person events we offer to meet industry professionals. Continue to check our website and social media for updates. You want to make sure you subscribe to our email list so you don't miss updates!

How much does WCT cost?

We aim to offer free programming to students interested in WCT and we are looking for partners. Email us to connect us with your workplace to start a corporate partnership.

Organizations & Educational Institutions wishing to host us please email us for a customized solution!